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Full title of the EI Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education "Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies" (FSBEI HE "VSUET")
Foundation date (licensing date) 30.11.1930
Legal Form State institution
Founder Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation
Address 394036, Russia, Voronezh, Revolution Av., 19
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р/сч. 40501810920072000002
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БИК 042007001
ОКОНХ 92110
ОКПО 02068108
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Work schedule (Working and school time. The procedure of its use. Time for rest)

1. The University establishes six-day workweek.

Certain categories (positions) for the engineering, manufacturing, educational support and administrative staff that do not provide current educational process are employed on terms of a five-day workweek.

The list of departments, positions, work, that imply 5-day working week, is approved by the Rector, taking into account the views of the trade union committee of faculty and staff. The list is required for separate structural departments of the university.

2. In accordance with Art. 333 of the Labour Code shorter working hours (not more than 36 hours a week) are set for faculty (teaching staff).

Working time of the University faculty (teaching staff) is counted in astronomical hours.

The distribution of working time of the faculty (teaching staff) within the reference period (working week) is carried out by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation № 2075 dated 24.12.2010, in accordance with the schedule of classes and individual plans of teachers, including learning, teaching, research and other activities.

During the first two weeks at the beginning of the semester, the teacher must prepare a schedule of work and give it to the head of the department (cyclic commission Chairman). Head of the Department (cyclic commission Chairman) forms a summary schedule for the teachers of the department, introduces the schedule to the workers for them to sign it, organizes the control of its performance and records working time.

When teaching position is held by internal and external pluralists week work schedule is made up in accordance with the shares rate, multiplied by 36 hours.

Schedules of the heads of departments (cyclic commission chairmen) are submitted for approval to the Head of the Faculty.

Within a six-hour workday faculty (teaching staff) must fulfill all kinds of work according their position and individual plan.

3. Monitoring the implementation of individual plans, teaching methods, research and educational work is carried by the heads of departments (cyclic commission chairmen), Deans (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs), Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research, Educational Department.

4. Compliance with the faculty (teaching staff) responsibilities for conducting training sessions in accordance with the approved timetable and schedule is controlled by the head of the relevant academic department (dean, deputy. Dean for Academic Affairs, the dispatcher), the department (head of department, deputy), cyclic Commission (chairman of the cyclic commission), educational Department.

It is forbidden to start classes with students later or let go with them before the time specified in the schedule (calendar plan).

5. All questions concerning temporary, not longer than a week, teacher, class or subject replacement are administered by the head of department and the head of structural division of the University who can (orally or literally) allow relevant changes in the schedule after having informed Educational Department literally in the day of replacement or the next working day. Notification is issued as a memo by authorized manager.

Teacher or class replacement for more than a week is allowed with written permission of the head of Educational department or Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

Employees of Educational Department run a selective current control over the implementation of the schedule by faculty.

6. For university staff employed in jobs with hazardous working conditions, shorter working hours are set in accordance with the current legislation.

7. The working day for the engineering, manufacturing, educational support and administrative staff directly involved in providing the school process at a six-day working week is 7 hours (5 on Saturdays), at a five-day working week - 8 hours. Start of work for this category of employees is calculated in accordance with an individual work plan approved by the heads of structural divisions.

For administrative staff, workers of research units and departments that are not directly involved in the educational process at the five-day working week (40 hours working week):

Getting Started – 8:30;

end time – 17:00;

break - from 12 to 12:30.

Taking into account the views of the trade union committees of faculty, staff and students, university departments and individual groups of employees different start and end of work, lunch break, receiving visitors time may be established by order of the Rector.

8. Certain categories of university staff belonging to the category of administrative and clerical staff long working hours (art. 101 of the Labour Code) and additional leave for work in the mode of irregular working hours (art. 119 of the LC RF) may be set.

The list of employees (positions), which long working hours are set for, and the duration of the corresponding additional leave is approved by the Rector, taking into account the views of the trade union committee of faculty and staff in accordance with the RF Government Decree of 11.12.2002, № 884 and is attached to this Regulation.

9. In connection with the conditions of implementation of certain types of work and the lack of ability to comply with a separate category of workers of set daily or weekly hours of work and guided by article 104 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, the University established summed attendance for such workers. Reference period and other terms of the mode of operation are determined by the order of the Rector, taking into account the views of the trade union committee of faculty and staff differentiated by occupation, type of activity. Accounting period can not exceed one calendar year.

Summary recording is introduced and cancelled by the order of the University in compliance with the rules of changing the valid conditions of the labor contract (Art. 104 of the LC RF). The list of workers employed under the terms of total working time, is attached to this Regulation.

A break for rest and food is not always possible for employees with this mode of work under the terms of their work. In this connection, the University administration enables rest and meals at the workplace during working hours.

10. The beginning and the end of work (employment), as well as breaks in employment of workers and students is notified by the appropriate signals or by other means.

11. Heads of departments are required to record coming to work and leaving work. Before work each employee is obliged to record arrival, and at the end of the working day - leaving work in the special journal of working time. Keeping the journal (stitched, numbered, authenticated and sealed) is assigned to one of the employees of the structural unit. In the period from the 15th to the 20th of each month the data are entered in the table of time tracking, which is submitted to the department of payroll and grant of the accounting and financial control to payroll department.

Clock should be installed in public places in all the academic buildings.

12. If a teacher or other employee of the University is absent the head of division, department, faculty must immediately take measures to replace them with another teacher (employee).

13. During working hours it is prohibited to distract employees from their work.

14. The schedule is prepared for a semester or a period depending on the category of students, the type of training, tuition, is approved by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, the head of the separate school division and communicated to the students no later than ten days before the beginning of each semester or other training period.

Teaching load in all types of courses and forms of training is established by the curriculum within the limits defined by the federal state educational standards. Specification of the teaching load within the basic educational program is working curricula.

15. The length of academic hour is 45 minutes. After the academic hour of classes a break of 5 minutes is set, after 2 academic hours – of 10 minutes. During the day a break for lunch no less than 30 minutes long is set. If necessary it is allowed to combine 2 academic hours of classes into one lesson 1 hour and 25 minutes long, with 15 minutes break.

Learning in the University .

First shift:

1 lesson 8.00-9.45, 8.50-9.35

break 10 min.

2 lesson 9.45-10.30, 10.35-11.20

break 30 min.

3 lesson 11.50-12.35, 12.40-13.25

break 10 min.

Second shift:

4 lesson 13.35-14.20, 14.25-15.10

break 10 min.

5 lesson 15.20-16.05, 16.10-16.55

break 10 min.

6 lesson 17.05-17.50, 17.55-18.40

break 10 min.

7 lesson 18.50-19.35, 19.40-20.25

16. Before and after the signal of beginning of a lesson (actual beginning of a lesson by a teacher) going in and out is allowed with the teacher’s permission.

17. With the beginning of lessons in all school rooms and those neighbouring to them silence and order necessary for lessons should be provided. It is inappropriate to interrupt lessons, enter the room during the lesson except for the cases caused by extraordinary circumstances.

18. Before each lesson and during the breaks lab assistants, heads of laboratories (rooms) prepare necessary teaching aids and equipment.

19. For practical training in classrooms, laboratories each course is divided into groups. The amount and composition of academic groups are established by the order of the Rector or the head of a separate training unit.

20. In each group the head of the faculty, the head of a separate division appoints monitor from among the best achievers, active, responsible and disciplined students, trainees.

The monitor of the group reports directly to the head of the faculty, the head of a separate division and ensures the implementation of their orders and instructions. The monitor of the group interacts directly with the employee of the head's office and his orders.

The functions of monitor of the group include:

а) personal records of students attending all kinds of studies and preparation for classes;

b) daily report of data on absences or lateness of students to classes in the head's office;

c) observation of discipline in the group during lectures and practical training, as well as the safety of facilities, teaching equipment and inventory;

d) timely organization of receiving and distribution of textbooks and manuals to groups of students;

e) informing students of the changes in the schedule;

f) appointment of the person on duty every day to prepare the audience for classes (board, chalk, general condition);

g) participation in the distribution of scholarships.

Orders of the monitor within the following features are mandatory for all students of the group.

21. Each group has a journal of attendance of the prescribed form in which teacher marks present and absent students at the lesson.

22. University employees and students of the University are provided with all stipulated by the labour legislation and education types of rest time (Ch. 17-18 of the LC RF). This takes into account peculiarities of regulation of leisure time of faculty members and researchers, as well as government regulations regarding rest periods during the school (calendar) year.

23. Priority of paid leave each year is determined by the vacation schedule approved by the rector of the university, taking into account the views of the trade union committee of faculty and staff no later than two weeks prior to the calendar year. The vacation schedule is mandatory for workers.

Workers shall be notified about the time of leave no later than 2 weeks before it starts.

Annual leave is granted to the faculty in the summer calendar period usually.

The duration of leave of the university staff involved in the educational process organizing educational process and management, is established by the university in accordance with the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation on leave of educators of 01.10.2002 №724 (in the ed. of Government Decree of 29.11.2003 N 726, of 11.05.2007 N 283, of 18.08.2008 N 617, of 16.07.2009 N 576, of 21.05.2012 N 502).

24. Student vacations are determined by the curriculum, schedule of curriculum and are provided at the end of training in the corresponding semester of not less than the statutory duration.

25. The university organizes a full-fledged vacation for workers and students in the sports camp, sanatorium, and ensures that it is granted on preferential terms, including those defined by the collective agreement, sanatoriums, conducting sightseeing and tourist activities.